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R&S CMU200 Universal Radio Communication Tester

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Get your mobile on the fast lane
•Multiprocessor technology
•Highspeed remote processing
•Parallel measurements
Innovating your test concept
•Implementing your ideas
•Innovative measurement concepts
•Supporting your need 4 speed
Making your mobile excellent
•Real time temperature correction
•Excellent VSWR
•Accuracy over whole frequency and dynamic range
Realtime correction for environments around the world
•Frequency and level compensation
•Accuracy over whole frequency and dynamic range
•Real time temperature correction
Making all mobiles happy
•Modular concept
•Easy software upgrade
•Plug&Test Hardware extension
Slot Configuration
•Free slots and DSP space available for further extensions
•Individual hardware configuration regarding your needs
•Flexibility due to Plug&Test Hardware extensions
Our concept:
•Modular HW and SW platform as you never know what's tomorrows needs
•Highest processing power and innovative measurement concepts to speed up your production
•Most accurate measurements due to excellent HW and SW design to guarantee for highest production yield

The R&S CMU200 universal radio communication tester brings cost effectiveness through a variety of features, with extremely fast measurement speed and very high accuracy. In addition, the secondary remote addressing of the tester‘s modular architecture makes for intelligent and autonomous processing of complete measurement tasks and fast control program design. The R&S CMU200 offers the hardware and software options necessary to handle your 3.5G, 3G, 2.5G and previous generation testing applications, including analog.
•Extremely high-speed testing
•Highly accurate measurements
•Modular future-proof design
•Comprehensive spectrum analyzer
•Fast switching between networks
•R&S CMU200V02 for mobile phone testing with network emulation – the signaling specialist
•R&S CMU200V10 for high-end servicing of mobile phones – the service tester specialist
•R&S CMU200V30 for non-signaling production testing of mobile phones – the calibration specialist




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