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Horiba XGT-1700WR X-ray Fluorescence Analyzer

  • Horiba

  • XGT-1700WR


Increased detection sensitivity with a new optical system3mm X-ray irradiation diameter and dual filter system (Primary and Secondary filters)
Capable of both minute area analysis and high sensitivity analysis Minute area analysis(Optional): 100 µm (with no filter) or 1.2mm(with filters for simultaneously analyzing 5 elements or no filter) X-ray irradiation diameter
High sensitivity analysis: 3mm X-ray irradiation diameter and dual filter system
Maintains the same ease of operation as previous systems to promote efficient on-site work
Preset measuring conditions for materials ranging from resins to metals A lineup of data management software is available that is compatible with various data format
Can be used to analyze hazardous elements in Ni and Sn plating (When using the multilayer film FPM option)

Maintain the same system as XGT-1000WR and high sensitivity type due to new optical system.   XGT-1700WR support for WEEE/RoHS, ELV and Chinese RoHS.
XGT-1700WR our new lineup of XGT-1000WR series and equipped with new optical system to analyze hazardous elements with high sensitivity.
These models use an X-ray guide tube to generate a 3mm irradiation beam with multi-filter with 4 specific filters (Pb/Cd/Cr,Cl/5 WR elements) and secondary filter(between sample and detector) with ON/OFF positions are equipped. Improved detection sensitivity is realized through the use of a dual filter.
These have possibility to equip 100 µm or 1.2mm X-ray guide tube as optional XGT. Compliant with WEEE/RoHS, ELV Chinese RoHS directives.
XGT-1700WR is equipped with dewar of liquid nitrogen.




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