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AEROFLEX-IFR 2398 Spectrum Analyzer


  • 2398


•Frequency Tuning Range: 9 kHz to 2.7 GHz.
•Tuning Resolution. 1 Hz.
•Frequency Span Width: 100 Hz/div to 270 MHZ/div in 1, 2, 5 step selections (auto selected) plus ZERO Span, and FULL Span (9 kHz to 2.7 GHz). Manual selection of start, stop, and span.
•Span Accuracy: ± 3% of the indicated span width.
•Readout Accuracy: Span accuracy + frequency standard accuracy + 50% of RBW.
•Frequency Counter Resolution: 1 Hz, 10 Hz, 100 Hz and 1 kHz.
•Accuracy: ± (Reference frequency error x marker frequency + counter resolution ± 1 count).
•Sensitivity: <= -70 dBm. Amplitude Measurement Range: +20 to -105 dBm.
•Frequency Range: 9 kHz to 2.7 GHz.
•Displayed Average Noise Level: (1 MHz to 2.7 GHz, Resolution bandwidth of 300 Hz, 10 Hz video filter) -105 dBm. Sweep Rate (full screen): 50 ms to 1000 sec (in 1-2-5 sequence).
•Display: (7.4 in) Monochrome LCD.

The Aeroflex-IFR 2398 2.7 GHz Spectrum Analyzer with it's fully synthesized local oscillator system, the 2398 produces highly accurate frequency measurements. The standard 1 Hz frequency counter gives high resolution measurements of any signal above - 70 dBm. The 2398 offers a phase noise of - 90 dBc/Hz for determining the spectral purity of modules or systems. A standard AM and FM demodulator allows full testing and troubleshooting of a Wide range of wireless radio systems and repeaters. An intemal speaker and a headphone connector are provided. The 2398 provides an input signal range from + 20 dBm to - 105 dBm. This, combined with the AC coupled RF input, allows direct testing of RF amplifiers. Autoset is a one-button solution that allows for the instant viewing of an unknown signal. The 2398 will search for the highest signal level and tune the center frequency to that signal. Then the span and resolution bandwidth are set to an optimal state for the best view of the signal.




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