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Noiseken ESS-200AX ESD Simulator generates

  • Noiseken

  • ESS-200AX


•Output polarity Positive or negative
•Output voltage 0.20kV~30.0kV ±5% (30.5kV max)
•0.20kV~10.0kV: 0.01V step, 10.0kV~30.0kV:0.1V step
•Discharge interval Normal mode: 0.05s~600.0s ±10%
•Extra mode : 1.00s~600.0s ±10%
•0.05s~9.99s: 0.01s step, 10s~600.0s: 0.1s step
•No. of times of discharge 1~60,000 times preset on the counter or continuous
•Discharge mode Air/contact discharge
•Radiation level Normal/Extra mode
•Trigger mode Gun trigger/main unit trigger/ external trigger

The ESS-200AX ESD Simulator generates highly consistent, repeatable ESD pulses up to 30kV in both contact and air discharge modes. Compliant with IEC61000-4-2 standard, the unit features a 5.7-inch display, a lightweight gun and optic serial interface.
A variety of capacitor and resistor units are available and are easily changeable within the gun. The fully- programmable, menu-driven simulator offers three trigger modes.




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