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Keysight(Agilent) U2001H USB Power Sensor

  • Keysight(Agilent)

  • U2001H


•Frequency range of 10 MHz to 6 GHz
•Wide dynamic range (-50 dBm to +30 dBm)
•Internal zeroing while connected to the DUT
•High measurement speed of up to 250readings/second
•Support internal and external trigger measurements
•Display power measurements on a PC without the need of power meter
•Compatible with other Keysight instruments
•Internal triggering and trace display capability

U2001H-100   Type N (male) connector
U2001H-1A7   Calibration + Uncertainties + Guardbanding
U2001H-A6J   ANSI Z540-1-1994 Calibration
N1918A            Power analyzer software
N1918A-100    Power analyzer, fixed perpetual, PC license
N1918A-200    Power analyzer, transportable perpetual, USB license
U2000A-202    Soft carrying case
U2000A-203    Holster
U2000A-204    Soft carrying pouch
U2000A-301    Power sensor cable; 5-ft (1.5m)
U2000A-302    Power sensor cable; 10-ft (3m)
U2000A-303    Power sensor cable; 16.4-ft (5m)
U2000B-201   Transit case
U2031A            Power Sensor cable; 5-ft (1.5m)
U2031B            Power Sensor cable; 10-ft (3m)
U2031C            Power Sensor cable; 16.4-ft (5m)
U2032A            Trigger cable BNC male to SMB female 50ohm, 1.5meter length




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