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R&S NRVS Power Meter

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•Fast power, level and voltage measurements
•Intelligent NRV-Z probes and URV5-Z sensors: plug and play
•IEC/IEEE-bus interface
•DC frequency input for tracking frequency-response correction
•Analog output
•Menu-guided operation with softkeys
•Storage of 20 complete instrument setups
•13 digital filters for noise suppression, automatic or manual filter selection
•Sensor check source (optional)

The R&S NRVS power meter performs power, level and voltage measurements from DC to 40 GHz. It is an ideal instrument for a great variety of power measurement applications in labs and systems. Thanks to its intelligent sensors with calibration data memory which make adjustments by the user superfluous, R&S®NRVS provides at all times high-precision measurements free of operator’s errors.




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