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R&S ZVB8 Vector Network Analyzer, 2 ports, 8.5G

  • R&S


 Measurement time < 4.5 ms for 201 test points (frequency sweep)
 Switching time between channels < 1 ms
 Switching time between instrument setups < 10 ms
•Data transfer time < 0.7 ms (201 test points via RSIB)
 Simultaneous measurement of more than one DUT
•Intuitive Windows-based operation via mouse
•Operation by means of hardkeys and softkeys
•Large number of channels, traces and setups that can be loaded simultaneously

The R&S ZVB series of vector network analyzers covers the frequency ranges from 300 kHz to 4/8 GHz and from 10 MHz to 14/20 GHz. It has been designed for universal measurements on passive and active components. The R&S ZVB series greatly simplifies vector network analysis especially for multiport measurements and measurements on balanced devices. Featuring comprehensive measurement functions, excellent specifications, high measurement and data transfer speeds and remote-control capability, the analyzers of the R&S ZVB series are an ideal choice for both development and production applications. The compact versions of the 14 GHz and 20 GHz two-port models leave ample room for test setups in the lab, featuring a height of only 24 cm and a depth of 42 cm.




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