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Konica Minolta LS-100 LUMINANCE METER

  • Konica Minolta

  • LS-100


•Portable – lightweight, compact, and battery powered
•One of the best on the market – categorized in the upper range of the DIN quality class B
•SLR (single lens reflex) – allows precise targeting, ensures viewfinder shows the exact area to measure
•Small diameter measurements – can measure as small as 0.4mm
•LCD and viewfinder displays – measurement results are shown in both places, viewfinder display makes it easy to focus on target
•Neutral density eyepiece filter – allows measurements of strong light sources
•Grip – pistol grip design enables the user to stably hold the instrument
•Measure dark surfaces – range starts at 0.001cd/m2
•User calibration and color correction – corrects the differences for a specified light source
•Three settings – instantaneous luminance, peak luminance, and luminance ratio
•PC connections – send measurement data and receive control signals

The handheld LS-100 luminance meter offers excellence and categorization in the upper levels of the DIN quality class B which places them among the best in the market. This meter is powered by a 9-volt battery making this compact, lightweight luminance meter ideal for any location.
The LS-100 luminance meter features a single reflex lens (SLR) optical system allowing for precise targeting while ensuring that the viewfinder displays the area to be measured regardless of distance. This series is capable of measuring a vast range of sizes beginning at diameters of 0.4mm. The LS series is very user friendly for everyone from novices to the experienced.
A brilliant LCD screen and viewfinder displays the measured luminance value enabling the user to manage the measured object without moving the device form the eye. For measurements from strong light sources, a neutral density filtered eyepiece is included. There is also a pistol grip for a stable hold.
The LS-100 luminance meter starts at a range of 0.001cd/m2 enabling the device to measure exceptionally dark surfaces. User calibration and color corrections functions are included in this device allowing a user to choose standard luminance as well as the function that corrects differences from specific light sources along with the ability to set measurement values: luminance ratio, instantaneous luminance, and peak luminance. The LS-100 can be connected to a personal computer for the exchange of data and control signals.




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