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R&S FSQ8 Signal Analyzer

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  • FSQ8


•Frequency range from 20 Hz to 8 GHz
•28 MHz signal analysis bandwidth, optionally 120 MHz
•Outstanding RF characteristics:
TOI typ. +25 dBm
1 dB compression point +13 dBm
84 dBc ACLR/3GPP with noise correction
173 dBm (1 Hz) displayed average noise level (DANL) with noise correction and R&S®FSU-B24 preamplifier
•Analysis of signals in the analog and digital baseband
•Numerous firmware applications extending the signal analysis capabilities
•16 Msample I/Q memory, expandable up to 705 Msample

The R&S FSQ is the solution for all development and production measurement tasks. It offers very low phase noise, unsurpassed low residual EVM, a wide dynamic range and above-average accuracy, making it the ideal high-end measuring instrument for development applications, where tolerances and limit values must often be lower than defined in a standard.

R&S FS-K10xPC    R&S FS-K10xPC  EUTRA/LTE and LTE- Advanced Signal Analysis Software
R&S FS-K5             GSM/EDGE Application Firmware
R&S FS-K5U          Upgrade of R&S FS-K5 to R&S FS-K10
R&S FS-K7              FM Measurement Demodulator
R&S FS-K8              Bluetooth Application Firmware
R&S FS-K9              Power Sensor Measurements
R&S FS-K10           R&S FS-K10 GSM/EDGE/EDGE Evolution Measurements
R&S FS-K15           R&S FS-K15 VOR/ILS Measurement Demodulator
R&S FS-K30           Application Firmware for Noise Figure and Gain Measurements for R&S FSP, R&S FSU and R&S FSQ
R&S FS-K40           Application Firmware for Phase Noise Measurement
R&S FS-K72           3GPP BTS/Node B FDD Application Firmware
R&S FS-K73           3GPP UE FDD Application Firmware
R&S FS-K73+         3GPP HSPA+ UE Application Firmware
R&S FS-K74           3GPP HSDPA BTS Application Firmware
R&S FS-K74+         3GPP HSPA+ BTS Application Firmware
R&S FS-K76           3GPP TD-SCDMA BTS Application Firmware
R&S FS-K77           3GPP TD-SCDMA UE Application Firmware
R&S FS-K82           CDMA2000  / IS-95 (cdmaOne) / 1xEV-DV BTS
R&S FS-K83           CDMA2000 /1xEV-DV MS Application Firmware
R&S FS-K84            CDMA2000 /1xEV-DO BTS Application Firmware
R&S FS-K85            CDMA2000 /1xEV-DO MS Application Firmware
R&S FSQ-K70         Firmware General Purpose Vector Signal Analyzer
R&S FSQ-K91         WLAN Application Firmware WLAN IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/j TX Application Firmware
R&S FSQ-K91n       WLAN Application Firmware
R&S FSQ-K91ac     R&S FSQ-K91ac WLAN Application Firmware
R&S FSQ-K92          Application Firmware TX measurements on OFDM signals in line with IEEE 802.16-2004
R&S FSQ-K92U       Application Firmware R&S®FSQ-K92 to R&S®FSQ-K93 Upgrade
R&S FSQ-K93          Application Firmware TX measurements on OFDMA signals in line with IEEE 802.16-2004, IEEE 802.16e-2005
R&S FSQ-K94         Application Firmware TX measurements on WiMAX™ MIMO signals in line with IEEE 802.16e-2005
R&S FSQ-K100       Analysis of EUTRA/LTE FDD Downlink Signals
R&S FSQ-K101       Analysis of EUTRA/LTE FDD Uplink Signals
R&S FSQ-K102       Analysis of EUTRA/LTE Downlink MIMO Signals
R&S FSQ-K103       Analysis of EUTRA LTE-Advanced and MIMO Uplink Signals
R&S FSQ-K104       Analysis of EUTRA/LTE TDD Downlink Signals
R&S FSQ-K105       Analysis of EUTRA/LTE TDD Uplink Signals
R&S FS-K110         TETRA Release 2 Analysis




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